Ways of Thinking

Ways of Thinking is a multi-layered book that explores the ways in which creatives find and make use of inspiration. Twenty practitioners, including writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, and sculptors, examine how an initial moment of curiosity led them towards the production of an original creative outcome. In so doing they reveal the myriad ways in which we notice, absorb, understand — and ultimately transform — the world around us.
Editors: Sean Baker, Jane Boyer, Nicholas Jeeves, Timothy Kobin
Text: Jane Boyer et al
Design: Nicholas Jeeves
Typeface: PT Sans / Serif by Paratype
Format: 150mm x 198mm, 138pp
Print: Full-colour digital
Binding: Half-Canadian wiro paperback
Printed and bound by: Langham Press
Language: English
Publisher: Ruskin Arts Publications, March 2020

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