Visions of Lucian 4: Philosophies for Sale

In Lucian's “Philosophies for Sale” we find the literary satirist at his mischievous best. Turning his attention to the subject of wisdom, he invites us to attend an auction of famous philosophers. Called to the block one at a time to pitch their ideas, the philosophers’ final value is determined by a largely dispassionate audience of tyre-kicking dealers. Zeus and Hermes serve as auctioneers.
        By approaching the subject of philosophy as he does — from the perspective of the ordinary person, perhaps in the market for a durable, practicable, and reasonably low-cost way of living — Lucian brings the philosophers down to earth while lifting the spirits of his audience. 

Text: Nicholas Jeeves
Design: Nicholas Jeeves
Typeface: Cronos and Minion Pro
Format: 210mm x 297mm, 16pp
Print: Mono digital
Binding: Unbound
Language: English
Edition: 20
Publisher: Mulita Small Editions, April 2022

Translation of Lucian by F. Fowler, (1905) with notes partially drawn from those of C. M. Wieland as found in William Tooke’s Lucian of Samosata (1820)