Nicholas Jeeves

Graphic designer, writer, Ruskin Arts editor and associate editor at The Public Domain Review. Leading MA Graphic Design at Cambridge School of Art.

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Visions of Lucian Vol. 2
The Fly / The Mole

Mulita Small Editions, 2020

In The Fly, written around 145AD, Lucian defends the humble housefly. In describing the fly’s anatomy, character and virtues, and its place in literature, Lucian reveals his uncanny ability to detect and respond to every tiny detail of his subject.

In a companion piece to The Fly, Nicholas Jeeves offers an encomium for the mole — not the mammal responsible for those little mounds of earth that occasionally accumulate on our lawns, but those little mounds of flesh that accumulate on our faces and bodies. He finds that history has a complicated relationship with the mole, in which they have been variously concealed, celebrated, removed, faked, and banned — and even used to divine the futures of their owners.
Words: Lucian, Nicholas Jeeves

Translation of Lucian by H. Fowler (1905)

Tête-bêche paperback
105mm x 148mm
Full-colour cover; mono inner

Edition of 20
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