Project book for photographer Rima Musa's Tactum. Tactum proposes that the most appealing aspects of photographic practice are tactile – the developing of the print, the revelation of an image as the chemicals do their work in the tray. Yet as soon as the print is dry, touching is forbidden. The first part of Musa’s project addresses this conflict by making use of thermochromic inks, so that only the warmth of touch can reveal the image. The second part proposes a ‘mechanical gif’ device, in which a crank is turned to reveal images constructed from twenty-five rotating cubes.
Text: Rima Musa
Design: Nicholas Jeeves
Typeface: Univers by Linotype
Format: 8” x 10” (204mm x 254mm), 24pp,
Print: Mono digital print
Binding: Saddle stitched
Language: English
Publisher: Self-published by Rima Musa, October 2012