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Visions of Lucian Vol. 3
Remarks Addressed to an Illiterate Book-Fancier / In Spite of Your Art

Mulita Small Editions, 2020

By 175AD the literary satirist Lucian of Samosata was at the peak of his powers. He was wealthy, famous, wildly popular, and — we may assume — contented. Until, that is, he made the acquaintance of a fellow Assyrian in Athens possessed of a remarkable collection of books. Lucian’s disgust on discovering that these books were not for reading but for display resulted in him composing, and then publishing, a poison pen letter so vicious that it stands as a blot on even his rogue’s legacy.

Today we know that letter as Remarks Addressed to an Illiterate Book-Fancier. In this new tête-bêche edition, Nicholas Jeeves first reproduces the Remarks in full, and in the companion piece In Spite of Your Art, goes on to interrupt Lucian’s afterlife to address him with a few choice remarks of his own.
Words: Lucian, Nicholas Jeeves

Translation of Lucian by F. Fowler (1905)

Tête-bêche paperback
128mm x 210mm
Two-colour cover; mono inner

Edition of 20

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