The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays Volume VII

A stellar cast of writers set the course for this seventh volume of Selected Essays, steering us through twelve centuries of quirk and curiosity: from fishy unicorns and pre-Raphaelite wombats to Japanese folktales and Russian Walt Whitmans … from imperialist board games and Georgian toilet Tweets to Parisian catacombs and socialist utopias … from serpentine dances and the sonic marvels of Milton to tripping Victorians and pictures made from vocal vibrations.
Editor: Adam Green
Text: Natalie Lawrence et al
Design: Nicholas Jeeves
Typeface: Alegreya / Sans by Huerta Tipografica
Format: 140mm x 216mm, 226pp
Print: Full-colour digital
Binding: Perfect
Language: English
Publisher: PDR Press, November 2020

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