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At the Flea Market

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At the flea market, among the usual quantities of old books and chipped crockery, there are also to be found more curious objects: elegant agricultural tools, ancient brass bells — even evidence of a murder.

Perhaps more curious still are the stallholders themselves: Bryn, who is not excessively interested in Napoleon; Trevor and Dan and their ‘Mystery Girl’; and Clive Pipton, ‘Dodgy Antique Dealer Extraordinaire!’, whose yellow clogs are proving a hard sell. 

Drawn from only the briefest of interactions, all the voices of the flea market are here in these short, sweet, and often unexpectedly poignant stories.

Text: Nicholas Jeeves
Design: Nicholas Jeeves
Typeface: Sabon by Linotype
Format: 105mm x 148mm, 24pp
Print: Mono digital
Binding: Saddle-stitched paperback
Language: English
Edition: 100
Published: May 2019

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