CantaBuenosAires: Imaginary Beings / Seres imaginarios

This Anglo-Argentine project is inspired by the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges and his Book of Imaginary Beings (in Spanish, Libro de seres imaginarios). The book contains brief descriptions of 120 beasts from mythology and folklore, including creatures that may be quite familiar to us (like unicorns and hippogriffs) and others that may not be (like the monkey of the inkpot and the tigers of Annam).

From March 2021, art and design students from Cambridge School of Art and Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires, will work together to create collages constructed from public domain images. We hope to extend this project in 2021/22 towards a book and exhibitions in both territories.

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Mara Lecoiu, UK, 2020
The Cheshire Cat 
Diana Adriano, UK, 2019
Robyn McCurdy, UK, 2019
The Lamias 
Fei Nie, UK, 2020
Jasmine Brooking, UK, 2020
The Minotaur 
Luke Nash, UK, 2020
The Monkey of the Inkpot 
Sandra Adeyinka, UK, 2020
Chelsea Man, UK, 2020
An Offspring of Leviathan 
Nikita Leigh, UK, 2019
The Rain Bird 
Amy England, UK, 2019
The Chinese Unicorn 
Joanne Fu, UK, 2019

The Eight-Forked Serpent 
Alex Metcalfe, UK, 2020 

The Kraken 
Ben Sparkes, UK, 2020